Mail Exchange™ Toolbox
Business Tools

Our recommendation of email tools to help businesses and marketing professionals succeed. Higher marketing effectiveness means higher sales and revenue.

Business Email

Bundled with Google Workspace
By Alphabet Inc.
Exchange Online
Bundled with Office 365
By Microsoft Corporation

Need to connect your business to Gmail or Exchange Online? Hire us

Marketing Automation & CRM

HubSpot CRM
By HubSpot
Sales Cloud
By Salesforce

Need to import customers into HubSpot CRM or Sales Cloud? Hire us

Email Sending Service

By Twilio

By Sinch

Want to increase email deliverability (config SPF/DKIM)? Hire us

Press Release Distribution

PR Distribution
By PR Distribution

PR Writing
By PR Distribution

Want to get seen by the media and boost SEO? Hire us

Mail Exchange™ Toolbox
Tech Tools

Our recommendation of mail exchange (MX) diagnostic tools to help IT professionals save time by solving email sending, delivery and reputation related problems.

Mail Exchange Troubleshooting

By MX Toolbox
MX Lookup, SPF Record Lookup, DKIM Record Lookup tools help with boosting email deliverability.
By MX Toolbox
Check your server IP or domain name to see if it is blacklisted, and by which email blacklists.

Email Deliverability

Email Deliverability
By MX Toolbox
Check your email or domain name for problems related to email blacklists, mail server, web server and DNS.
Email Tester
By GMass
Test your emails by sending them to GMass to see if your email landed in their inbox, spam or promotions.

Mail Exchange™ Community

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